Solar Power Technology

The introduction of Solar Power technology to Coral Lodge in 2018 in partnership with Eco-Libri , was the first step forward to becoming Mozambique’s first off-grid hotel or resort.

We have successfully introduced solar lighting to the lodge as well as to the pathways between the villas and main lodge.

The next phase planned is a solar-powered boiler, as well as solar-powered air-conditioning throughout.

Solar power technology has proven itself to be a reliable, economical and effective way of reducing one’s carbon footprint and contributing to climate change.

Elegant solar powered lighting

The pathways to the villas lit up by solar power

Coral Lodge lit up at night by Solar Power

Wind Turbine Technology

We are very proud to partner with Ecolibri to bring the first wind turbine technology of this kind to Coral Lodge, and to Mozambique.

This system combines wind turbine technology paired with cleverly designed solar panels. The sound of the Ecolibri wind blades is undetectable (< 20 DB) even in the presence of strong winds since blades cannot rotate at a speed higher than the wind itself and consequently do not cause any type of noise.

The turbine will be placed 1km away from the lodge.

This exciting project which is funded by Ecolibri guides Coral Lodge into a new era of green technology and ensures that we have very limited impact on the environment, and are dedicated to responsible tourism.

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Water Bottling Plant

Coral Lodge has a vision of eliminating the use of plastic as much as possible from every day lodge operations.

In 2019 we are introducing our water-bottling plant, which will replace single-use plastic bottles with branded glass bottles that will be recycled hygienically and refilled daily with clean and filtered water.

This project is the yet another significant sustainable tourism initiative by Coral Lodge in contribution to our aim to become the leading eco-destination in Mozambique.