The Coral Lodge Foundation

The presence of Coral Lodge in Mossuril Bay has had a hugely positive impact on the surrounding communities, especially Cabaceira Pequena. We currently employ over fifty staff, most of whom support a minimum of 6 – 15 people each. We are proud to provide a boost to the economy of the villages.

Coral Lodge guests are encouraged to visit these communities and learn about the history as well as the cultures and lifestyles of the local people.

Many of our guests ask how they can get involved, or how they can make a difference, and so we have decided to create the Coral Lodge Foundation, which will take form in 2019.

This foundation, with the help of contributions from our guests, will be able to assist with various projects where necessary.

One of those projects is the “We Believe in Love Project” highlighted below, that many guests have already been contributing to over the past two years.

(If you would like to help the community with supplies, please scroll down to our wishlist)

Ricardo and Filipa, our general managers at Coral Lodge, were touched by the people and the love that the community of Cabaceira Pequena had, with such very little in their lives.

They wanted to get involved and help the community where they could. Coral Lodge was going through a change of ownership during that time, and so they decided to create a project independently.

With the help of a few other kind-hearted people, they created the “We Believe in Love” project, which has been fortunate to have corporate sponsorships and some help from Coral Lodge guests too.

In just two years they have achieved incredible things, and continue to do so.

The Coral Lodge Foundation looks forward to supporting them on their projects wherever possible and helping them succeed in their ideas and visions.


The Vegetable Garden

Thanks to Gito and the We Believe in Love project; we built a 35m2 vegetable garden in Cabaceira Pequena, which has become a source of fresh, organic vegetables for our lodge. Gito and three others from the village grow the vegetables and in turn, sell the fresh produce to us at Coral Lodge as a source of income.

The Cabaceira Pequena School


The need to build a new school was the first project that inspired the creation of the “We Believe in Love” foundation.

The best way to change the world is through education. We felt this was very important for the community to have a school that was inviting for them to attend. Through donations that given to the project we were able to create a place that inspired the children to attend regularly, and in turn motivate the teachers too.

A Community House


The community of Cabaceira Pequena was missing a place for everyone to come together on a social level. We built the community house to serve as a place that everyone can enjoy movies/soccer games and other social events. We called it “Casa do Sporting.”

Many support the Portuguese First league football, and this has become a place for everyone to enjoy watching it together. Most of the community have a disadvantaged life, and so this creates a place that they can relax and enjoy a few moments of their days or weeks.

Wheelchair for Valentim’s son


Our assistant manager, Valentim, has a son that sadly was born with defects. He is unable to walk and needs constant care. Since he was born, Valentim carried his son everywhere.

With the kind help of a sponsor from Portugal who kindly sponsored the wheelchair, and the assistance of TAP Portugal, who transported the chair from Lisbon to Maputo, and finally IRISFAST who transported the chair from Maputo to his house.

The chair has made a considerable difference to his son’s and family life.


Public Toilets


There is an urgent need for proper toilet facilities in Cabaceira Pequena. The aim is to build ten toilets for males and ten toilets for females.

The project has already completed two toilets for the school and three for the community.

Motorcycle Workshop


Motorcycles are the most common type of transport in areas such as Cabaceira Pequena. Currently, there is no workshop to service the bikes, with the nearest being in Nacala or Ilha De Mozambique.

There is a qualified person in the village, and the We Believe in Love project hopes to help him with the facility and equipment he needs to start the business

House of Volunteers


The idea to build a house that will attract volunteers to the area, to help with education, health, and other activities.

The Bakery


The vision is to have a fully operational bakery that can sell fresh bread to the community as well as to Coral Lodge while creating jobs at the same time.

Music Studeo


Ricardo has discovered some exceptionally talented musicians in the village of Cabaceira Pequena. However, they do not have the opportunity to afford to go to Nampula to record songs.

The idea to build a music studio will help them to hopefully create business and a source of income into the village


The local community of Cabaceira Pequena are always grateful for any supplies from visitors, however, it is never expected.

Here are some ideas if you would like to bring supplies with you on your visit to Coral Lodge:

The Orphanage: Toys | Clothes

There are eight children between ages of 1 and 6 years old that are orphans and always in need of clothes and toys.

The School: Pencils | Paper | Crayons | Chalk |

The Clinic: Paracetamol | Disposable Gloves | Bandages | Any medical supplies are welcomed.

The Music Studio: Any old music equipment