The Coral Lodge Foundation

The presence of Coral Lodge in Mossuril Bay has had a hugely positive impact on the surrounding communities, especially Cabaceira Pequena. We currently employ over fifty staff, most of whom support a minimum of 6 Р15 people each. We are proud to provide a boost to the economy of the villages.

Coral Lodge guests are encouraged to visit these communities and learn about the history as well as the cultures and lifestyles of the local people.

Many of our guests ask how they can get involved, or how they can make a difference, and so we decided to create the Coral Lodge Foundation.

This foundation, with the help of contributions from our guests, will be able to assist with various projects where necessary.

(If you would like to help the community with supplies, please scroll down to our wishlist).


The Vegetable Garden

We have our very own vegetable garden in the village, which has become a source of fresh, organic vegetables for our lodge.

Wheelchair for Valentim’s son


Our assistant manager, Valentim, has a son that sadly was born with defects. He is unable to walk and needs constant care. Since he was born, Valentim carried his son everywhere.

With the kind help of a sponsor from Portugal who kindly sponsored the wheelchair, and the assistance of TAP Portugal, who transported the chair from Lisbon to Maputo, and finally IRISFAST who transported the chair from Maputo to his house.

The chair has made a considerable difference to his son’s and family life.


The local community of Cabaceira Pequena are always grateful for any supplies from visitors, however, it is never expected.

Here are some ideas if you would like to bring supplies with you on your visit to Coral Lodge:

The Orphanage: Toys | Clothes

There are eight children between ages of 1 and 6 years old that are orphans and always in need of clothes and toys.

The School: Pencils | Paper | Crayons | Chalk |

The Clinic: Paracetamol | Disposable Gloves | Bandages | Any medical supplies are welcomed.