Zé Aguas is our resident tailor at Coral Lodge. A respected man with a lifetime of experience in sewing. We are very fortunate to have him on our team. 

His vast selection of bright and vibrant, traditional Mozambique “Capulana” fabrics, provide a great variety of choice for guests to choose from. Then, request an item of clothing that you would like him to make for you. Before you depart from Coral Lodge, Zé will have your unique and tailor-made article of clothing to take home, as a gift to always remember us by.

Ilha de Mozambique

Ilha de Mozambique is a fascinating destination to visit in Mozambique and one that is still relatively undiscovered by many travelers to Africa, which makes it that much more attractive.

The original capital of Mozambique, the island, also referred to as “Mozambique Island” or just “Ilha” by the locals, holds over five centuries of recorded history, from when the Portuguese first arrived in the 1500s. It is the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mozambique. 

This unique island is connected to the mainland of Mozambique by a 3.5km bridge. Coral Lodge is an approximate 30 to 40-minute boat ride from the island, and we have daily transfers to ensure our guests do not miss out on the opportunity to explore this travel gem. 


Cabaceira Pequena is the closest community to Coral Lodge and a fishing village with lots of history. 

The majority of our Coral Lodge Family were born there, and are still residing there, with their families. Since 2010, Coral Lodge has continued to grow as lifeline source of income for many that live there.

Being a relatively short walk away from our lodge, our team members will take you on a personal guided tour of their community, to meet the people, and learn of the history of the area there too.

It is also essential to understand the reality of the lifestyles that many of the local Mozambicans and see how basic, yet often very happy lives that they live – a humbling experience. A warm welcome in Cabaceira Pequena is always waiting for guests of Coral Lodge.